I’m Faith, and I teach people how to enjoy food and redefine exercise so they can manage weight, have fun and get in the body they want–for life. Welcome!

When it comes to wellness advice, if you’re tired of trying a lot of different things and not getting anywhere (or going backward), then we’re a good match. As I see it, you should do whatever works. Except I don’t believe in diets. That’s because I’ve yet to see someone go on a diet and stick with it to manage their weight more than a couple of years at best . . . unless they transform their eating style into a lifestyle.

So I teach No Diet Wellness. You need to eat. Eat well! You should be fine with that. It’s shocking how many of you are not. Just the simple act of eating day-by-day causes people concern–they feel they can’t get it right. This causes me concern.

And fitness training? Well, I know lifelong athletes and yogis, and I realized that they, like me, don’t tend to dread or grow bored with what they do as a “workout program.”  Instead, they enjoy their activity. Vitality seems normal to them. Do you have this? You should. You can. In fact, I once named my award-winning fitness studio Exercise In Disguise to help people realize if they have fun and feel good being active to manage weight, it will hardly seem like “exercise.” And it’s the “play” around here, too.

When it comes to food, fun and fitness, it’s a simple equation. I have lessons to share, and I promise they aren’t difficult — IF you will believe me AND yourself. That’s right . . . have a little Faith!

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